Amazigh Contemporary is a creative and communal space. It offers an intimate and inclusive way of experiencing art, learning, and community building. “Amazigh” means the “free people,” an ode to my ancestors, the indigenous people of North Africa. Amazigh Contemporary aims to inspire action for social change with art exhibitions, education sessions, community building activities, and much more. Our events are free and open to everyone.

Amazigh Contemporary was founded in Chicago in 2019, following a long-standing tradition of domestic art spaces in Chicago. These spaces are difficult to categorize, unique and transitory, a symbol of human life. Yet, they are one of the primary exhibition opportunities for young emerging artists and experimental projects. Amazigh Contemporary is regularly opened up to a public audience for various community events, undergoing unceasing transformations, with a varying tension between public and private spheres often dictated by the architecture of the abode. Amazigh Contemporary operates at the intersection of identities, lives, neighborhoods, and cultures it hosts.    

Naïm Asbaâ